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JP Morgan Executive Avoids Hong Kong Quarantine Rules Because He Runs “a Very Huge Bank”

The Chief Executive of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, entered Hong Kong without following the territory’s mandatory 21-day hotel quarantine law. Carrie Lam, the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong, mentioned that the reason for Dimon’s lenient treatment was because he manages “a very huge bank” with “key business in Hong Kong”.

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Nolte: Rittenhouse-Lying Media Deliberately Incite Riots in Democrat-run Cities

The only way the establishment media can feel influential anymore is to incite riots in Democrat-run cities, so the media are desperately using the Kyle Rittenhouse trial to incite riots in Democrat-run cities.

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MSNBC Host Concerned for Trucker Brother’s Safety Since Industry Is Full of White Men

Over the weekend, hard left MSNBC host Tiffany Cross claimed the truck driving industry is populated by “a lot of white men” who “overwhelmingly voted for” former President Donald Trump.

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Trust in media evaporates, with many believing coverage is too easy on Biden

Trust in political news has hit another low, with most voters, even Democrats, believing the media were more aggressive in coverage of former President Donald Trump than President Joe Biden.

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‘Build Back Better’ Methane Fee Means Higher Costs for Heating Oil, Natural Gas

Environmental activists call it a “methane fee.” The energy industry calls it a “natural gas tax.” Either way, energy consumers are likely to feel the effects in their pocketbooks.

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