Major corporations across America claim that discrimination of any kind is not supported. If this is true, why do CEOs continue to support the Equality Act? Free Enterprise Project (FEP) leaders have spent a lot of time asking CEOs of these major corporations precisely what they endorse in the Equality Act.

Discrimination is supposedly vile within company walls. Why would corporations support a law that would cancel certain federal religious liberty protections and would also be highly detrimental to women and girls in multiple settings such as sports and shelters?

The Equality Act discriminates against women on many levels, including in sports. In states that allow boys to compete against girls in school athletics, the results have been evident and disastrous. The Equality Act would extend such discrimination nationwide.

Companies are discriminating against Americans of faith. The Equality Act explicitly writes the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act out of the equation, putting religious Americans in great jeopardy. Even former President Barack Obama considers religious freedom a fundamental human right and an essential part of human dignity.

Several companies are proud of their ratings with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which sponsors a “Corporate Equality Index,” ranking corporations by the amount to which they bend to the campaign’s demands.

HRC bills itself as the world’s largest supporter and advocate of LGBTQ+ rights and interests. Of course, this is nonsense. HRC exclusively supports hard-left ideological positions. A substantial percentage of gays lesbians are sensible center/right people who are certainly not represented by HRC’s pronouncements and interference. In fact, in the left’s own hyperventilative terms, the HRC actively and aggressively marginalizes and even erases center/right gays and lesbians. The HRC is deceiving people.

The professional left is lying about support for the Equality Act. They have gone too far. We want these corporations to know that we do not support the unfairness of the Equality Act and ask that you join us in voicing your concern.

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