Stop Bank of America’s Divisive “Woke at Work” Agenda

In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, financial giant Bank of America has introduced a new racial reeducation program.

At its core this program claims that the United States operates under white supremacy. To remedy this, Bank of America intends to instruct employees to become “woke at work.” Bank of America’s reeducation program will instruct white employees to “decolonize [their] mind[s]” and “cede power to people of color.”

This program is part of a larger initiative Bank of America is calling United in Action. This initiative is ideologically built on the principles of critical race theory, teaching employees that the United States is a “racialized society” using “race to establish and justify systems of power, privilege, disenfranchisement and oppression.”

Bank of America’s new reeducation program teaches white employees that “regardless of one’s socioeconomic class background or other disadvantages,” they are “living a life with white-skin privileges.”

It is time to put an end to Bank of America’s radical and divisive “racial justice” initiatives. Will you stand with us today to put pressure on Bank of America to stay true to its name and stop this un-American racially divisive reeducation program?

Sign our petition to make your voice heard. Your petition will go directly to Bank of America’s CEO, Brian Moynihan.