Tell Amazon to STOP Funding Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and supporters are rioting in our streets. They are attacking law enforcement officers, desecrating houses of worship, and destroying historical landmarks. And as they loot and burn businesses in your town, they do so while enjoying the support of one of America’s largest corporations – Amazon.

The behemoth online retailer that you probably use regularly has pledged financial support to the Marxist BLM organization. At the behest of the BLM mob, Amazon even canceled contracts that aided local police departments.

Amazon is well known for its far-left positions: The company and its CEO – Jeff Bezos – already rely on the radical Southern Poverty Law Center to block Christians and conservatives from its charitable program, and it has worked to block President Trump’s executive orders to secure our borders.

But now, by backing an extremist group that supports reparations for black Americans and the defunding of police, Amazon has gone too far.

We are reaching out to Amazon to express our outrage. We demand that Amazon cease all funding to Black Lives Matter. And we need you to lend your voice. Amazon and Bezos need to know that a majority of Americans – including millions of its customers – oppose the Marxist campaign being waged against America by BLM activists.

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