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Stop Bank of America’s Divisive “Woke at Work” Agenda

September 16th, 2021|0 Comments

In the wake of Black Lives Matter protests, financial giant Bank of America has introduced a new racial reeducation program. At its core this program claims that the United States operates under white supremacy. To remedy this, Bank of America intends to instruct employees to become “woke at work.”

Put A Stop To Nike & Under Armour’s Support of the Ill-named Equality Act

June 16th, 2021|0 Comments

Major corporations across America claim that discrimination of any kind is not supported. If this is true, why do CEOs continue to support the Equality Act? Free Enterprise Project (FEP) leaders have spent a lot of time asking CEOs of these major corporations precisely what they endorse in the Equality Act. Discrimination is supposedly vile within company walls. Why would corporations support a law that would cancel certain federal religious liberty protections and would also be highly detrimental to women and girls in multiple settings such as sports and shelters? The Equality Act discriminates against women on many levels, including in sports. In states that allow boys to compete against girls in school athletics, the results have been evident and disastrous. The Equality Act would extend such discrimination nationwide.

Tell Amazon to STOP Funding Black Lives Matter

March 22nd, 2021|2 Comments

Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists and supporters are rioting in our streets. They are attacking law enforcement officers, desecrating houses of worship, and destroying historical landmarks. And as they loot and burn businesses in your town, they do so while enjoying the support of one of America’s largest corporations – Amazon. The behemoth online retailer that you probably use regularly has pledged financial support to the Marxist BLM organization. At the behest of the BLM mob, Amazon even canceled contracts that aided local police departments.